NYT Mini Answers 10-23-22

Are you looking for the answers and solutions for the New York Times mini crossword puzzle from October, 23, 2022?

We have posted the solutions for every clue.

The Sunday mini crossword puzzle was created by Wyna Liu.

The answers are categorized by clue number.  To find the answer, just click on the clue:

NYT Mini Across Clues

1 Across: Delivery room directive

5 Across: _ bitten, twice shy

6 Across: Instrument in a string quartet

8 Across: First video game character to have a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

9 Across: Call at a deli counter


NYT Mini Down Clues

1 Down: First-person perspectives, for short

2 Down: Collective bargaining group

3 Down: British baked good

4 Down: Double _ (DNA Structure)

7 Down: Perform a role